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For the homeworkers

 All of a sudden, the office is closed and your employees work from home. As employer you still want to take good care of your employees by providing them with a tasty and healthy lunch. Vermaat offers the perfect solution; we will deliver the lunch to your employees at their home!

What options do you offer?

Because of the measures taken around the COVID-19 virus many people work at home, your employees as well. Normally, as employer, you will provide a lunch for these people. Even now that your employees work at home, we want to offer you the possibility to keep providing them with that same tasty and vital lunch. Delivered to your employees’ homes!

How does it work?

If you want to provide your employees working at home with a tasty and vital lunch, we can help. You can sign yourself up by contacting your contact person within Vermaat and indicate you want to order ‘homeworkers lunch’.

With your contact person you will discuss for what amount you want to offer your employees a lunch. The dishes we offer range between 8 and 10 euros, excluding the delivery fee. You can choose to pay for your employees’ entire lunch or just part of it. Also, you can choose to make a total amount available per day or per longer periods.

After you sign up you will get a link from our partner Deliveroo, which you can send to all of your employees. When an employee clicks on the link, the employee receives a unique code with which he/she will enter a protected environment of Deliveroo. Here, the employee can choose from our specially composed assortment. The employee chooses their own lunch which will be delivered to their home by a deliverer from Deliveroo. Simple and quick!

Right now this is only possible in Amsterdam.

What if my employee orders more than the value I offer as an employer?

The employee can order for free up to the amount of your choice. If the total amount is higher than what you offer them, they can pay the remaining amount themselves via iDeal.

From which restaurants can my employees order?

We have created a special assortment within Deliveroo for your employees to choose from. This assortment offers warm and cold dishes, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

How does the billing work?

Afterwards we will send you a weekly invoice. To ensure that we will send the invoice to the correct address, we ask that you share the following details with us:

•  Name and address details of the company • Contact person from your company with phone number • E-mail address which we can send the invoice to (we only send digital invoices) • Purchase order number or cost centre number

We act in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the RIVM regarding hygiene and physical distance. In all of our deliveries the health of our staff and our customers have the highest priority.

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